Jennifer M.

Wow! What a difference this program has made in my life! I came without hope, in tears, and felt that the sport that brought me joy in playing and coaching was slowly being taken away from me due to reduced mobility and knee pain from osteoarthritis. I had tried physical therapy before, but Dr. Nick definitely has a different approach, and in my opinion, has found a better way. It is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach, but more of a wholistic one in treating my whole leg versus just my knee. I am able to run and move without pain and I continue to improve each week. I realized last week that since I started working with Dr. Nick 2 months ago, I have completely stopped taking Advil and Aleve before my activities. Before this program, I had been taking them to relieve pain and inflammation in increasing amounts. I have also completely stopped using my brace. I would highly recommend checking out Gray Duck to regain an active lifestyle that restores joy in your life like I did. Thank you to Dr. Nick and his wife, Ariel, at Gray Duck!

Claudia O.

What can I say? Gray Duck Physical Therapy has changed my life. After trying all the main stream orthopedic places I had little hope. Then somebody introduced me to Dr Nick. Excellent professional, dedicated, smart, caring… one that continues to educate himself and isn’t afraid to evolve his practice. A total instrument in Gods hands used in my healing process. Now that I have finished my PT visits I am full of hope again. Hope to achieve goals that seemed impossible. Confidence in what my body CAN do. Joy of being free of pain and completely functional!

Can’t finish this review without also mentioning Ariel. Haven’t met a more candid & kind person! She is a fresh of breath air and the cherry on top of the cake. Together, Dr. Nick and Ariel make the BEST team. I am looking forward to see Gray Duck Physical Therapy growing and changing this world, one physical therapy session at the time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Friend B.

Dr. Nick has been instrumental in making everything feel better, head to toe. One of my biggest struggles was with calf pain while running which has always bothered me and was just something I lived with. After working with Dr. Nick I have been running for the 1st time in my adult life pain free. I have also learned how to take care of my whole body and movements I can do to reduce soreness. Dr. Nick really listens to what you need and gives you all the tools to be successful. What I really appreciate, is that he makes sure that you are understanding the movement and will adjust his wording until you get it. I have enjoyed working with Dr Nick and am happy with my results! 

Paul H.

If you have tried physical therapy before at a clinic or hospital forget their methods. Dr. Nick listens to what you tell him, if something hurts to do he will customize the plan for how you feel, PT should not hurt! (I know this now) I was ready to give up and just live with the pain everyday for the rest of my life. Saw his ad and decided to go for the consultation, gave him a shot and I am very grateful that I did! I haven't felt this good in years!

Kelly L.

I have been seeing Dr Nick for multiple issues for about a year now, and as my care is wrapping up it would be an absolute disservice to Grey Duck by not at least attempting to quantify the caliber of his care in a review. When you first visit him, do not be overwhelmed by his enthusiasm. It is genuine. I promise. He truly cares for the whole person. First your physical person, but also the mental and emotional components that come with injury. His scope of knowledge when it comes to the human body, and how it functions and heals is absolutely humbling. Dr Nick is excellent at communicating his techniques and is hands on in coaching you and getting your body to move, load and engage in ways that you had no idea was possible. You leave feeling better after the very first session, and filled with hope for the future that recovery is possible. I came in for a bum knee, diagnosed by multiple doctors and orthopedists, and that I was headed for total knee replacement. I was only 41 years old. Dr Nick has dramatically improved my range of motion, mobility, and ability to hinge and squat by giving me real life tools to heal and strengthen my knee. I have been able to conquer unthinkable adventures because of it. 2 years ago I couldn't even go up or down stairs without assistance, and now just last month I hiked up and down 3800 feet to a mountain summit with just a pair of shoes and a 20 pound backpack. Pain free!! I am eternally grateful for Dr Nick, he is brilliant and an all around really good human. He has unlocked a pain free life for me I never thought I could achieve without medications or surgery. 10 out of 10 definitely recommend

Annie E.

I went to see Dr. Nick after having a strange pain in my right foot for months-I couldn’t even go for a leisurely walk without excruciating pain. I went to go see a different therapist at a large well-known clinic who on my second visit told me he couldn’t do anything else for me and I still had pain. I came to Dr. Nick disheartened and doubtful he could do anything, but from the first intake appointment with him, he was certain he could not just reverse my foot pain, but treat the root of the pain and all the other smaller aches I came with (upper back pain, knee pain, wrist pain, chest pain-all not as bad as my foot so I didn’t even think it needed treatment). I had a big trip planned a couple months after is started treatment, so we started doing 2 sessions a week to try to get me to a good spot to travel. In only 2 weeks my foot pain had gotten better. With every session I started to feel stronger and see my body respond to the exercises in a way that totally surprised me. I now have no pain in my foot and can go for long walks and go down stairs! My trip was not dampened by my pain in the least! And, the little pains I had have been corrected. Dr. Nick’s attention to detail and level of care is like nothing I have experienced in the health field before. This family owned small business honestly gave me my life back and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Emmet N.

Due to a couple of hip injuries over the years of playing hockey, my hips would be sore from sitting all day, working out, and many other daily activities. When working out, I would shy away from actually using them in exercises that needed them. I had tried physical therapy once before, but the doctor basically gave me stretches then sent me on my way. I decided to try it again with Dr. Nick and my experience was so much better. Every session was a workout to build up my hip strength and mobility. Not only are my hips stronger and more mobile, but I no longer experience daily pain. Dr. Nick helped me have confidence again in actually using them when working out my lower body. I could not recommend Dr. Nick enough and I am so thankful I went to see him!

Steve M.

I highly recommend Dr. Nick and Grey Duck. First things first – my knee pain has gone away and for this, I am grateful. Dr. Nick is passionate about getting people to feel better. His goal is not to get you return – his No. 1 goal is to get you to feel better. His motivation and intentions are pure – reduce pain and keep it away. It’s refreshing to have a health care provider with a authentic attitude and passion about the service they provide. Visits don’t feel rushed, and he has answered all my questions. Each session we review the work I have done myself, then he answers any questions I have and then he makes necessary tweaks and adjustments to the plan. In 6 weeks, (weekly visits) I have so much progress and in my mobility – it’s fun to see. I am thankful for Dr. Nick and Gray Duck! They are rock stars!

Tyler D.

I didn't want to do PT. Historically, I have done it, and it helped for a period of time. But the pain always came back. I've had this pain for over 15 years, I did not want to sign up for another round of something to help for maybe a year before I go back to pain. I had shoulder pain in both shoulders, one from injury the other from who knows where. Then I love running and was noticing an incredibly sharp pain starting in my knee then traveled up to my hip as I kept pushing it. I had a lot going on and decided I can't ignore it. I decided to go see Nick because he seemed different. He seemed like he did PT differently. After doing his intake evaluation appointment I KNEW this was going to be different. He showed me all the ways my body was compensating for things going on and directly how that relates to my pain. A doctor has literally NEVER done this for me. I knew Nick was going to be different. I am 5 weeks now into my 10 week schedule I signed up for with Nick. I FELT DIFFERENT AFTER THE FIRST WEEK! I am not exaggerating this. I did the work Nick asked of me and it started immediately showing signs of improvement. Nick keeps building on the progress and I can feel myself getting stronger in areas I didn't even knew existed because my body was never tapping into them. I'm not even done with my program yet and I am already back to running over 5 miles with zero pain. My shoulders also have no pain and I can feel the physical difference in everything I do. Game changer.

Tasha B.

I honestly had no idea how helpful PT could be. Past experience would have me believe that PT was for post injury/surgery, focusing on decreasing pain and get moving again. I now know it’s SO much more. I reached out to Dr. Nick after attending a shoulder health seminar at my gym. I’m I CrossFit coach. I’m also currently doing a body building program, I plan to compete in Spring 2022. I had a significant amount of knee pain after doing barbell box step ups. I was convinced I had a significant knee injury. I was very concerned it was going to halt my training. My first assessment with Dr. Nick was nothing less than amazing! I didn’t leave there with a list of exercises to do at home, a referral for imaging and orders to rest. I left there, with minimal pain, encouragement to keep moving, direction on how to move and a very real plan to CONTINUE my training. Dr Nick didn’t treat the injury. He treated me, as a whole person. He assessed why I had the knee pain in the first place and then showed me what I needed to work on to keep it from happening again. I am so incredibly grateful to be in his care. I am a 47 year old women, working towards a bodybuilding competition. I am learning how to train in a way that keeps me from injury and allows my body to do what it was designed to do. I highly recommend Dr. Nick at Grayduck PT for any athlete or non athlete dealing with pain.

Kelley M.

Dr. Nick knows his stuff. His passion for helping others with the most up-to-date information and research available is clear through his work. I’ve been through physical therapy before and this experience has been far above my previous bouts with PT. I’ve made more progress in far fewer sessions and I’ve been able to continue my gym sessions throughout. Being an active Crossfitter, I love that Dr. Nick’s priority is not only eliminating pain, but finding the root cause of whatever issue is going on. He fixes the problem AND equips his patients with the tools needed to keep them healthy and pain free in the future, while hitting PRs and making big progress in the gym. I recommend Gray Duck PT 1000%!

Michael S.

Dr Nick Manning has a well thought out plan of service that allows him to provide the best possible results. He knows what a body is capable of and how to make the it happen. I had ankle joint replacement surgery in November 2020 to allow me to continue to be active without pain. After standard PT I was struggling with intermittent and finally plateaued success in rehabilitation. After 3-4 weeks in Gray Duck PT my foot strength was such that I no longer needed my orthotics. I can wear whatever shoes I want now! I have seen a marked improvement in mobility and strength. Half way through the program I have hope that I can be continue to be active and enjoy it! Thank you very much!

Sydney D.

I came to Gray Duck physical therapy because I was experiencing pain in my neck, hip, and knee. Most of my pain was caused from bad form at the gym. Nick did a great job at helping me correct my form, especially when it came to deadlifts. Nick also gave me exercises to help strengthen my neck to prevent neck pain in the future! I would definitely recommend Gray Duck to my friends and family. 

And H.

Went to see Nick because of having shoulder and elbow pain due to working in the trades. Nick was able to identify the cause on the initial meeting and set me up with a plan to eliminate my issues. Very happy with how everything went and was a pleasure working with Nick. Feels great to be able to do my job and live my life now without pain! Highly recommend Gray Duck Physical therapy! 

Ashley R.

Dr. Nick is helping me get back to a pain free physical life! So far I am seeing results…less pain after and during activity. I can now do my workout and work on my feet all day and not be diving for a chair when I get home! Currently I am halfway through my 10 week program and am always progressing each week! I like how enthusiastic Dr. Nick is, you can tell he really wants to get you where you want to go, I always leave feeling even more motivated to get back to normal!

Eric A.

I came to seek Nick’s help and advice on how to treat and improve lower back pain that I had experienced for years. The pain had grown so severe it was significantly impacting my highly active lifestyle. From the outset he was laser-focused on the specifics of my pain; listening to my history and developing a plan for improvement that enabled me to eliminate it. More importantly he helped me develop the confidence and tools I needed to be able to prevent it from recurring in the future.

Shawn L.

Dr Nick is a healer and it shows. We've made amazing progress with back, hip and shoulder issues. Dr Nick adapts my treatment weekly and kept me functioning through an injury that would have put me out of commission for weeks. Gray Duck Physical Therapy is truly a blessing.

J. H.

Dr. Nick has done an excellent job straightening out my hips and shoulders. He is very meticulous about proper movement patterns. He not only tells you what you should do, he explains why it is important. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Nick for your PT needs.

Dolores V.

I want to extend my thanks to Dr. Nick. He has met with me for the past month and I am feeling better. My shoulder was hurting and keeping me up at night. In a few short weeks the pain has reduced and I am sleeping better. I was able to do more weight over head this past week. My knees are the other issue which may take a little bit longer. Again, feeling much better. When you can ask the question, maybe I could have lifted more, you are moving the the right direction. Thanks you Dr. Nick for all your help. I would encourage anyone to give this doctor a try.

Mallory C.

I would highly recommend Dr. Nick to anyone that is suffering from pain or just wanting to maintain their body's health. I was having issues with my shoulders and back and from the very first session I was already noticing a difference. He is very knowledgeable and has a great way of explaining exercises and why they are useful/ important. I have learned so much valuable information that I can apply to daily life as well as help me stay active and pain-free!

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